Articles: Swing Analysis

Swing Analysis: Padraig Harrington

Swing Analysis: Padraig Harrington by Martin Hall

A successful amateur who earned a degree in accounting before turning pro, Ireland's Padraig Harrington has for years worked diligently at improving all aspects of his game, culminating in his first major championship in last year's British Open. This he achieved by assembling a fine team [...]

Articles: Winning Shots

Winning Shots with Ken Bowden

Winning Shots: Padraig Harrington by Martin Hall with Ken Bowden

The final hole at Scotland's legendary Carnoustie course presents one of the most demanding climaxes in all of championship golf, with out-of-bounds all the way left from the tee and an infamous creek - the Barry Burn - in play both on the drive and the approach to the green. Last year [...]

Articles: Swing Efficiency Explained

Swing Efficiency Explained

Swing Analysis: Zach Johnson by Martin Hall

This year's Masters defender, Zach Johnson, has long been taught by a friend of mine, Mike Bender from Timacuan in Florida's Lake Mary. Visiting Mike a few years ago, I met Zach and was impressed by his demeanor, his swing, and the work he and Mike had done and are still doing to make [...]

Articles: An A-to-Z of Chipping

An A-to-Z of Chipping

Winning Shots: Zach Johnson by Martin Hall with Ken Bowden

Zach Johnson hit many memorable shots in winning last year's Masters, but one in particular stands out - from right o the green on the 72nd hole leading to a 2-shot victory over Tiger Woods, Rory Sabattini, and Retief Goosen. A relatively short hitter, Johnson finished [...]

Articles: Gimmie One Thing

Gimmie One Thing

Gimmie One Thing: by Martin Hall with Peter Morrice

When a student I'm teaching hits a bad shot, I always ask the same question: "What were you thinking of there?" The amount of stuff that comes back is mind-boggling, from mechanical potions to mental cues to what could go wrong. If yo hit a decent shot when you're [...]

Swing Analysis: Phil Mickelson

Swing Analysis: Phil Mickelson

The Road to Improvement is Always Under Construction by Martin Hall

In winning his second Masters and second consecutive major last April, Phil Mickelson showed that he continues to improve, mature, and adjust to the demands of our ever-difficult game. To win his second green jacket, "Lefty" used two drivers ("draw" and "fade" clubs) [...]

Winning Shots - Release!

Winning Shots - Release!

Winning Shots - Release! by Martin Hall and Ken Bowden

In light of those comments, surely we should start with the definition of the word "release". Masters defender Phil Mickelson superbly exemplifies it essentially as "to set free, to let go, to let loose". In a golfing sense, and that expires results in his [...]

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