Martin Hall
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Martin Hall
Ibis Golf & Country Club West Palm Beach Golf Course Community
Martin Hall
Full Game Development From Full Swing to Short Game

Welcome to Martin Hall Golf

Martin Hall has over thirty years of experience as golf professional. He has competed on the European Tour as well, and has since turned his career toward teaching the game he loves. Martin currently is the head teaching professional at Ibis Golf & Country Club. Martin has won numerous awards for his teachings, including Florida chapter teacher of the year, Florida section teacher of the year, and 2008 PGA National Teacher of the Year.

Our technology
From the ground-breaking GC2 Smart Camera System to the newest range-changing GC2K kiosks, Foresight Sports delivers the most advanced and respected launch monitor and golf simulation solutions available today.
Since 2002, K-MOTION Interactive (KMI) has been an industry leader in the field of 3D motion capture technology. From swing capture to range of motion and biofeedback systems, our technology is now used in every major U.S. city and country around the world. Martin Hall uses K-VEST in his teachings.
Using state of the art technology, the new wireless sensor triplet now integrates all electronics and a micro battery in its housing. No more cable and belt clip are needed. The wireless version allows more freedom of movement while working with the PuttLab.
MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment, US Patent #6,988,957 B2 is the most comprehensive golf training equipment available today with 59 separate claims to its patent. It will improve the way golfers learn and practice.
AMM has a comprehensive product line including AMM 3D-GOLF with TPI 3D golf swing biomechanics analysis, and sports motion analysis in general. High-end, high-speed optical, electromagnetic and inertial systems are available.
The DBS utilizes immediate visual feedback from a force platform and enhanced video, to objectively reinforce proper address posture and the "feel" of balance during the swing. The DBS is a requirement for any progressive instructor, advanced golf training facility, club-fitting specialist, and/or Sports Medicine Performance Center.
Award winning instructor
Martin was the PGA Teacher of the year in 2008. He is a Master Professional of the PGA of Great Britain and is a member of the Golf Magazine Top 100. He has been in the Golf Digest Top 50 since the inception of the rating system.
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